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October 11-15, 2018

Day 1:  A long day is in store for us as we begin an adventure that lifts our spirits and our sights as we make our way to the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta. Enjoy our drive as we make our way through Western Kansas, Oklahoma, and into New Mexico. Albuquerque is home for 3 nights.


Day 2:  This morning we visit the Acoma Indian Pueblo for a guided tour. These peace-loving people created an urban life in harmony with the environment and with each other. They offer visitors a glimpse of the proud heritage which they have kept alive for more than a thousand years. Stroll the Plaza of Old Town Albuquerque, dine at one of the many restaurants, and shop in the stores and galleries for unique gifts. Or simply relax on the patios or walk the winding brick paths of this special old town square. This afternoon we enjoy the sights of Albuquerque during our city tour. Tonight is our first of the 4 events at the balloon site. It’s the glodeo! Only special shapes will be on display this evening. The inflated balloons are given gas every now and then for a glowing spectacular effect. One lights up here - one lights up there – then they’re all lit! What a sight with these special shapes! We then head back to the hotel to tuck ourselves in early since we will need to be UP, UP, & AWAY EARLY to see the balloon launch in the morning.


Day 3: It’s an early cool morning, as we head to the fiesta for our first morning ascension. We watch hundreds of colorful hot air balloons rise into the crisp morning air! The excitement of this fiesta is enchanted by the red-burning flames pumping hot air and the “whoosh” of the jets as we watch tier after tier of these huge balloons rise slowly and gracefully into the sky. You can walk out on the launch field and get a close-up experience. After the balloons are up, we depart Albuquerque and make our way to Santa Fe. It’s an artist’s dream spot and also serves as the State Capital. Here we spend some time in the Old Town Square, Santa Fe and visit Loretta Chapel to hear the incredible story about the staircase. This evening we head back to the fiesta to enjoy the Night Magic Glow.


Day 4: This morning we go out to the balloon site for the fourth and final event of our tour. Again it’s a mass array of color and shapes; of “whooshes” of the jets as the balloons rise slowly and gracefully. After the balloons are up, we make our way up to the Sandia Peak Tramway for a short trip from the heart of Albuquerque to the heights of the United States longest aerial tramway. See the incredible view from the top as we look down into the valley below and the town of Albuquerque. As we make our way east, we make a stop at the Blue Hole to learn about this amazing geological formation. Then it’s on to Tucumcari for our last night out.


Day 5: As we leave New Mexico we can enjoy sharing the memories of the things we experienced in the Southwest in both the culture and the history of the area and the memories of the HOT AIR BALLOONS that sent our hearts soaring!


Oct 11-15, 2018
What a sight as the bright colors of the graceful balloons lift into the crisp, clear, calm skies over Albuquerque. In case the weather doesn’t cooperate, we have 4 different chances to see the balloons.  There is more to this tour than just the balloon fiesta. The Southwest has so much history and culture. When comparing prices, keep in mind that the fiesta is very weather oriented and we include 4  separate opportunities to see the balloons